People first. Information first.


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I am an information architect based in Pittsburgh. At turns in my UX career, I’ve just as frequently (if not more often) worn the hats of interaction designer, user researcher, writer, strategist, product manager. But even when I’m not doing the things most associated with IA as a discipline, I’m always doing through an IA lens.

For more than a decade now I’ve been drawn to the intersection of people and information, first as a newspaper journalist and then as a user experience designer. I love information for its ability to empower and connect us. Yet, look around and we see information run amok just about everywhere. Information is not enough. Information is not neutral. These are mission critical days for the Information Age, and I’m in this field because I want to see a world with more clarity, more understanding, more meaning.

I feel endlessly lucky to have discovered the UX community, and I cherish the things I learn from the people I get to collaborate and interact with.

I believe in paying it forward. I believe in leaving it better than we found it.

When not at work, I can be found in Uptown with my fiancée, Lynn, and our two cats.