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Portfolio & Ecommerce Website Redesign

Portfolio & Ecommerce Website Redesign



Redesign the portfolio and e-commerce site for a local photography studio, aligning the new web experience with the company’s values and principles.

What I Did

Interviewing, Discovery, Business Analysis, Proto-Personas, Competitive Analysis, Site Mapping, Sketching, Responsive Design, Visual Design, Copywriting, HTML & CSS


This was a personal but nonetheless professional project completed in July 2014 for Heather Kresge Photography, a studio that specializes in portrait, event, and wedding photography in Pittsburgh.


  • Facilitated discussion to reveal stakeholder needs and user tasks.
  • Synthesized this discovery material into a series of proto-personas and company principles that the new design would need to reflect.
  • Identified appropriate business metrics for long-term, ongoing evaluation.

The result of bringing together and externalizing exploratory research and early sketches, so the big picture doesn't get lost in the details to come.

What UX portfolio would be complete without a whiteboard? Above, mapping earlier research to emerging principles and values would guide the new design.

Pro tip: Set up several prototype templates in advance, so you force yourself to consider alternatives and avoid fixating on a single solution.

  • Conducted competitive and comparative analyses.
  • Modeled several possible architectures and sketched early interface concepts in parallel, using a mobile-first approach and keeping mindful of how the chosen platform for implementation would ultimately constrain my design options.
  • Directed all aspects of the site’s visual design, including the typography, color palette, styles, and image assets.
  • Wrote new content copy.
  • Added custom HTML and CSS to ensure that the site was sufficiently responsive.

Early color palette considerations.

An excerpt of the CSS added to make the design play nicely on any screen size.


Visit to see the live site.

The redesigned site has already seen its first successful sales and proofing. Though the sample size is small only a few weeks after launch, there has been a significant and encouraging drop in the homepage’s bounce rate.

New visitor homepage bounce rate


AFTER: 27%

No doubt this project is far from “finished,” as the monitoring and evaluation of key business metrics and UX benchmarks will feed into future iterations.

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